Lovers Den

Journey to a realm, where lovers lounge.


​Prepare to be pampered, revived and rejuvenated as you are welcomed into the nest of the Lover’s Den. 

Begin, with an exotic tea tasting blends of flowers essence, organic herbs and roots, coupled with tantalizing tasty treats.

Soothe your soul as you float in the cocoon of the hammock, followed by a customized massage session tailored to your needs.

Complete the journey as you feast on Organic Alkaline nourishments made with so much Love. 


Mini Honeymoon package 2-3hrs : $370

Includes 30mins Massage per person


Full Honeymoon package 3-4hrs : $470

Includes 60mins Massage per person

Deluxe Honeymoon Package 4-5hrs: $590

Includes 90mins Massage per person

Roots Elixir 24oz Bottle: $30

(please advise in advance of any food allergies)


Mystic Lounge Vibe



Welcome to the Mystic Lounge, allow the tranquil vibes and uplifting beautiful tones of this majestic atmosphere to permeate your being. The perfect way to unwind from any tensions you may have. Let us nourish you with a therapeutic massage tailored to you and an organic nutrient-dense, Alkaline soul-enriching meal. This may be just the exquisite one-of-a-kind event your heart has been after!

Dates offered: Saturday/Sunday  only (7pm-10pm)

prepare for 2-3hrs, please be advised to inform us in advance of any food allergies


Per person $250 | Per two $475


Weekly Meal Prep (organic nutritional)

We understand how time consuming our fast pace life in the concrete jungle can impact our lifestyle, eating habits, and health.


Allow yourself to make time for us to help you detox from stress and ensure that you eat well for your body mind and soul

5 Organic meals: $250 + cost of groceries + one time container fee 

10 Organic meals: $300 + cost of groceries + one time container fee

(call to inquire for more information)


Talk/Massage Therapy


During our talk/massage Therapy session, we begin the session together by opening up a mutual consensual agreement and the heart chakra through intent. My purpose is to be the anchor for holding the space for your highest transformation.

the concept of this one on one session is healing through sound, touch and massage therapy this fine tuning Therapy can take many forms. and can be creative! Self Empowering, Freeing, Self Motivating, Self Healing ~ of all the human conditions we've acquired and/or accumulated throughout our journey on the earthly planes,  

through touch we are healing the body/spirit, and through talk we are healing the psyche/spirit. This session is geared towards assisting you in releasing those blockages on multiple levels that perhaps once may have held you back and free you to experiencing your greatest potential.

75mins: $175  |   105mins: $225  
Talk Therapy solo 45mins: $80


Cradle Therapy

Take yourself back to a safe place where you felt completely taken care of and loved. Enter into the cocoon of a sacred space, as you relax into a stress free zone, a place where you can be just as you are, in the presence of the lightness of your being.

 Cradling Therapy allows you to enter into the heart of your inner child, creating a safe space for you to simply let go, and BE-Free from your worries and cares. Yes, Free to just BE.

20 min: $60


Massage and Dine

(Brunch & Lunch)

Celebrate your special occasion with us! Birthday, Anniversary and many more... . Bring yourself back to those days/space, free from obligations, and let us do the rest!  Allow yourself the care of Therapeutic Massage and Dine, fresh produce organically prepared mostly alkaline based One course meal.

     Mini M/D Package                 |              Full  M/D Package

      30mins Massage                                   60mins Massage

              $145                                                          $205 

                                             Deluxe M/D Package

                                         90mins Massage



                                   Premium M/D Package

                                       120mins Massage


                                           ~Per person~

         (please be advised to inform us in advance of any food allergies) 

                                Roots Elixir 24oz Bottle: $30

                                Roots Elixir 4oz Bottle: $8


Dine with "Roots"

May it be the afternoon or evening time when you just want to relax and enjoy a great meal at your leisure. join us for great time dining. you will be served two to three course meal which includes a main course, an appetizer and/or dessert consisting of mostly alkaline and balance of some acidic base food.  served with herbal fermented Roots Elixir. 

Dine per person $100 

(please be advise to inform us in advance of any food allergies)



Harmonic Attunement

Sound touch therapy induces you into a deep trance of your senses  in attuning your chakra energy bodies where your dormant higher attributes are activated 

With the use of Harmonic Sound Frequencies and intent, a space is created with a vibration attuned to your specific rhythm.  As these frequencies travel through the  physical and metaphysical bodies, it brings you into harmonic balance on all levels of your being.  

the merger of harmonic sound vibrations and massage techniques such as compression, cradling and/or hot stone cocooning can be very powerful and uniquely elevating experience for each individual.   

$145 - 60mins  |  $205 -90mins  |  $290 - 120mins


Consultation Guidance

Nutritional | Spiritual | Life Coach

Our consultation session is geared towards your overall transformation in all areas of your life such as:

  • Nutritional behavior

  • Spiritual practices

  • Behavioral patterns

Shifting in alignment of higher vibration, building new relationships with your internal guidance and mastering greater potential in your life.

60 min - $90

Family BONDING day

Massage per parent 60mins - $135

massage per child 15 yrs and under 

30mins - $75 | 45mins - $100


single meal per person optional - $50

(by request only)

Parents bring your children, and relax together with us.  


Make it a rejuvenating fun and inspiring day for the whole family to remember.


Massage Benefits all people, of all ages. 

Tel: 929-258-9852 

Email: magicjourneyspa@gmail.com 

Our location:

35 Tennis Court.

Brooklyn, NY 11226

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