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Magic Journey Tours is a multi-functional healing and rejuvenation retreat center with the main purpose of facilitating and guiding visitors in shedding societal conditions, in order to return the Mind, Body, and Spirit to it’s harmony with nature. We are currently working out of multiple locations on the west coast of Africa, Togo, Gabon, Senegal, & Morocco with the opportunity for short visits to neighboring countries. in South America we begin our tours in Peru and Brazil. In Asia we begin our tours in Maldives and India, for now.


Birthed out of the holistic lifestyle and practice of its founders, Magic Journey Tours 

epitomizes a global awareness to the call for healing that promotes a balanced way of living in the modern world, while initiating community based programs that allows us exponential growth and sustainability over time. At the core of the work lies a well developed approach, with an emphasis on judgment free zones, designed to gradually realign visitors with their higher selves and allow them access in reaching their fullest potentials.


Our main values rests in an awareness of connecting with the guidance of our ancestors mind, body, spirit.  Restorative nutritional practices and an openness to community. With the guidance of our certified Holistic Health Practitioners.  At our Retreats visitors are encouraged to engage with our activities, in the way that allows them to fully present through their Highest Transformation. 


 To meet everyone's needs, visitors can reserve space anywhere from one week up to one month, longer stay can otherwise be discussed. Below, in no particular order, is a list of activities visitors may part-take in during their time with us.

  1. Guided breath work Meditation

  2. Alkaline based nutritional cuisine

  3. Herbal detox/bath

  4. Body wellness and care; massage, healing touch, talk and sound therapy

  5. Dance; movement therapy; including tradition from African, and Universal root

  6. Yoga

  7. Vocal therapy

  8. Relationship guidance and reflective therapy

  9. visits to Orphanages

  10. Traditional Sacred Union

  11. Honeymoon Tours (couples only)

  12. Workshops/classes; walks in nature

  13. Psychedelic curated ceremonies (Peru/Gabon) 


​ With the help of our global sponsors, we aim to create a sustainable and environmentally effective model that benefits everyone through educational activities and state aided programs.


Contact us directly at for more information regarding

Magic Journey Tours.

Tel: 929-258-9852 


Our location:

35 Tennis Court.

Brooklyn, NY 11226

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